Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics

Wouldn’t it be easier to sell your products if you knew how your customers feel?

With our latest Ai powered video and behavioral recognition technology you can understand your customer’s or employee’s sentiments as they walk through your door and interact with your business.

Our cutting-edge technology
harnesses the power of human emotions and presents it in our comprehensive Connected Analytics dashboard.

What you can do with that information
is limitless.

Our face and emotion detection technology is breaking the frontier of customer experience through:

  • The most advanced technology and intelligence services in the industry.
  • Powered by our artificial intelligence (Ai) we take guessing out of the picture. Our data is in real-time and completely automated.
  • Our easy application can be translated into diverse scenarios, such as: retail, hospitality, live events, airports and many more.

How Behavioral Analytics works:

1. Setup: High definition cameras will be located in strategic areas to capture in-location customer/employee engagement activities.

2. Image Snap: Our systems detect all images of faces that pass by the camera and takes a snapshot at predetermined intervals.

3. Emotional Analysis: The system analyzes every image taken and recognizes facial expressions to highlight levels of happiness, anger, surprise and many others.

4. Intelligence Reports: With our Connected Analytics dashboard, real-time reports will be generated with information to be used for contextual in-store advertising and better understanding consumer interest level and engagement.

It’s as simple as


Behavioral Analytics

With our technology your understanding of how many customers walked through the door will be perfectly complemented by what were they feeling and how were they reacting to your brand or establishment at any given moment.

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